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Request a dropped kerb


If you are a blue badge holder funding may be available. Please contact our Occupational Therapy team on 0300 300 8303.

Prior to an application for a dropped kerb you MUST contact Central Bedfordshire Council Planning Department to establish if planning permission is required. The Planning Department can be contacted by email at or by telephone on 0300 300 8307.

It is also essential that you know if the council owns any land between your property and the highway and whether any other third party has rights or covenants over any land that you propose to cross.

Please ensure you read the attached notes for guidance which gives more information which must be adhered to in order to allow approval of this application.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all conditions of any planning approvals can be complied with. We will therefore need to see a copy of any necessary plans and planning permission before we provide you with a quote for construction of the crossing. Failure to provide this will mean that your initial survey inspection will be put on hold until you can provide this information.

When we receive your payment of £124.30 we will inspect the site and provide you with a full quote for the work. The quote will be valid for three months. Before proceeding please complete the following checklist:-