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Request an H Bar


We recognise that 'H' bar markings can be useful where on-street parking causes regular and persistent obstruction to a properly constructed vehicular crossing.

For us to consider and approve your application, you will need to provide one of the following:-

  • physical evidence through photographs of vehicles continually obstructing the vehicle access crossing
  • physical evidence through photographs of visibility problems for vehicles exiting the property
  • physical evidence through photographs of commuter parking

Please note the following restrictions to installation of 'H' bar markings:-

  • we will not consider the installation of 'H' bar markings across private driveways where it may not be obvious that vehicle access is required and inconsiderate parking occurs
  • if your access opens on to double yellow lining or white zigzag markings, then it is not possible to install 'H' bar markings
  • the marking cannot be sited on the opposite side of the road to the driveway to make turning movements easier
  • you must have a properly constructed vehicular crossing of any public verge or footway between your property and the road. This will include dropped kerbs at the entrance. If you do not have one, Central Bedfordshire Council can provide this for you at additional cost. Please refer to the ‘dropped kerb’ pages of council’s website.

To apply for an 'H' bar marking a sum of £125.00 is payable in advance to cover the cost of inspecting the location. This does not guarantee the work can be carried out and is non-refundable. Please review the information above and consider your request carefully before proceeding. If your application is approved then you will also be required to pay in advance a further charge which will cover the full cost of installation.

Further information is available in the notes for guidance which gives more information which must be adhered to in order to allow approval of this application.


Please attach a photo of the problem. We can accept photographs up to a file size of 8MB. The file size will be shown when you upload your photograph. A typical photograph from a Smartphone will be around 2-3MB.

Please make sure your photo is either in pdf, bmp, or jpg format.